⚠️ There are plenty of scammers online who want your money or information. Scammers are now appearing more and more on Facebook, advertising new online stores. In the worst case scenario, you could lose your money or get a counterfeit product. 

Recently, there has been talk in the media about scam online stores that sell more special products to consumers in Finland. Some scam stores also sell products stolen from LahjaShop's website. An online store had stolen from our site Galaxy light projector picture and now advertises it aggressively in Tiktok. If you see someone in a new online store selling LahjaShop's products, it is probably a counterfeit product or a foreign online store, even if the site is written in Finnish (often with a poor translation).

Secure online store and domestic online store

The Gift Shop encourages customers to shop securely online. When you buy from LahjaShop, you can be sure of the authenticity of the products and that you support a domestic small business, because we pay VAT revenue to Finland and the company is located in Finland. Our warehouse is located abroad, because as a small company we have not yet received a warehouse in Finland. Thank you for supporting LahjaShopp, and in this way you will promote getting the stock to Finland as well. Our products are ones you won't find in the regular Market.

Be careful when shopping online. There are many copies of our products online. One of our competitors is selling dog bed "registered under its own trade mark". In reality, the bed is only made by a cheaper manufacturer and has not been granted its own trademark patent. LahjaShop has personally selected the products from the market, as we have contacts in stock. In this way, we can guarantee you the best products in terms of quality and responsibility. For example in a dog bed It is very important that the product is non-toxic. Yes, you can we have lots of wonderful gifts for four-legged friends as well. ????

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Check out below Cyber ​​Security Center provide guidance on safe online shopping. It is very important to support domestic companies during the Korona period - buying from domestic online stores is usually very safe and at the same time supports domestic work! :)

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- Image rights and source: https://www.kyberturvallisuuskeskus.fi/sites/default/files/media/file/Online%20shopping%20scams_FI_2020_0.pdf