Gift Shop (Gift Shop Gift Shop) order and delivery terms, data protection principle, return, complaint and warranty conditions  (“Online Store Terms”) apply to you when you, as a consumer, place an order from the www.lahjashop.com online store. The same terms will also be presented to you in the links at the bottom of the site.

The customer must be at least 18 years old when ordering products from us. If a minor wants to order from us, he or she must ask a guardian to order on his or her behalf. We reserve the right to change or reject an order if the customer has provided incomplete or incorrect information in the order.

LahjaShop is not liable for compensation if the products you have ordered have been sold out or if there are image or printing errors in the online store, such as product descriptions, technical data or if the stock situation is incorrect. Gift Shop reserves the right to correct this incorrect information. In the event that the customer has been notified of an incorrect price, LahjaShop will inform the customer and wait for the customer's approval of the new price before continuing the ordering process.


The customer must accept the terms of the online store and undertake to comply with them if he orders products from our store. By accepting the terms and conditions of the online store (ordering and delivery terms, data protection principle, return, complaint and warranty terms), the customer also confirms that he has read the information contained therein.

The purchase agreement is created when the online store has confirmed the order and the order confirmation has been sent to the customer's e-mail.


By ordering from the Gift Shop, you confirm that the personal information you have provided is correct and you are responsible for any errors. LahjaShop handles your information confidentially and securely in accordance with the privacy policy. You may not transfer your subscription account IDs to other parties. The customer is responsible for his user account and the purchases made there. If the customer violates our terms or abuses our online store, LahjaShop has the right to block the customer's access to his user account.


All prices are in euros and include 24% VAT. Delivery costs are 5,9 €. Products in the SuperStore category will be picked up at the Post Office. We offer free shipping on orders over € 99.

Payment service provider

Paytrail Plc acts as a collecting payment service provider and is an authorized Payment Institution. Paytrail Plc will be shown as the recipient on your bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Plc will forward the payment to the merchant. For reclamations, please contact the website the payment was made to. Paytrail Plc Innova 2122839 Lutakonaukio 7 XNUMX Jyväskylä Phone: +XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Business ID XNUMX-XNUMX

Paytrail plc, Business ID: 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakon aukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Phone: 020 718 1830

Collector Invoice / Installment 

With the Collector Invoice / Installment service, you can pay for your purchases up to € 5000. 

For Collector Invoice, you always get an interest-free * payment period of at least 30 days and up to 60 days. 
The invoice is therefore due on the last day of the calendar month following the date of purchase. (* The payment term interest rate is 0%, a billing fee of € 3,80 is added to the first invoice) 
You can pay off the entire balance of the invoice on the due date or, if you wish, you can choose installments of 1-36 months. The installment will start automatically after you pay the minimum installment indicated on the invoice. If you wish, you can also pay larger installments or pay off the entire balance at once. 

The installment interest rate is 1,6% per month, which corresponds to a nominal annual interest rate of 19,20%. An account management fee of € 3,80 per month is added to the invoice, in which case the real annual interest rate calculated on a € 1000 purchase is 21,3%. 



The Gift Shop offers free shipping on orders over € 99. In addition, the Gift Shop may offer other offers that are valid for a limited time only or as long as the products are sold out. One additional benefit / promo code per order.


LahjaShop processes the order within 24-72 hours of the order (weekdays), but often the very next day after the order. In case of congestion, the processing time should be 1-7 working daysThe order can be delivered in several different batches.

Delivery costs for the order are 5,9 €. We use in delivery among other things Post, Matkahuolto and Yanwen suppliers. In Finland, the final supplier of the parcel is Posti, and therefore the parcels will be picked up by local post. Free shipping is offered on orders over € 99.

Please note that our product inventory counter is smart, so you can generally rely on whether a product is in stock. If it happens that the product is not in stock due to an incorrect stock status update, delivery will take place as soon as possible. If the product is out of stock, we will offer you option: a) we will return the finished product price to your account b) or we will replace the product with a similar product of the same price or slightly less valuable.

Delivery time is on average 10-15 working days, as we ship products from our SuperStore Asian warehouses or in some cases directly from the manufacturer's warehouse. You will not incur customs duties on the products, we have also taken care of customs clearance for you. Please allow 2-6 weeks or a maximum of 45 business days for delivery time for SuperStore products, as force majeure, such as strikes, coronavirus quarantine, or congestion at Christmas or Chinese New Year, for example, can cause delays. We believe that SuperStore products are really worth the wait. 90% of orders are received within 14 days.

The customer must pick up the package or receive the shipment at the door. Posti and Matkahuolto retain to pick up package 7 days. A package that is not picked up or self-returned is not a product cancellation. If the customer wants a re-shipment in such a situation where the package has not been picked up and is "returned", we will charge the customer for the costs incurred (wholesale price + delivery and handling costs) The non-picked package cannot be reimbursed as we should get the product back and the carriers will not ship it to us back to a foreign warehouse for free but they go for disposal.

Note. For SuperStore packages, Posti or Matkahuolto does not send another pick-up reminder, but it is the customer's responsibility to follow the delivery of the product from the Posti.fi / Matkahuolto.fi tracking links (the link is sent to the customer's e-mail or phone number if you have ordered updates by phone)


The order placed is an official agreement of the store, and the order cannot be canceled without first picking up the product from the post office and then returning it to us at cost.

Products returned in violation of the return instructions will not be refunded and will not be returned to the customer - in this case, the costs of any return will also be borne by the customer. At LahjaShop, the customer has a 14-day cancellation period in accordance with consumer law. The right of withdrawal does not apply to identified products, nor to products whose seals have been broken or if the product is not marketable. Please read the exact return terms here.

By accepting these ecommerce terms, the customer accepts and understands that tthe product must be absolutely unused and the packaging must be undamaged, and all products must also have the product labels in place originally. If the product packaging is broken or the products are not marketable, we refuse to receive a return. If the customer is a company or you buy a larger batch of a similar product, there is no right of return.

If you return the products and you have been entitled to a certain amount at the time of purchase for a discount, free postage or an order has been given for a subscriber gift, the benefits (including the value of the subscriber's gift) and discounts and are deducted from the refundable amount. Shipping costs for the original order will not be refunded.

If the customer exercises the right of cancellation, the customer is obliged to pay the cost of the return and he is also responsible for the condition of the products and package also during the return transport. If the package is coming From an Asian warehouse and the customer does not receive the package, Gift Shop is not obliged to reimburse the shipment to the customer - the unclaimed package is not subject to the right of return.


With the exception of SuperStore products, we offer a 2-year supplier's (BigBuy) product warranty. The warranty only covers manufacturing defects and does not cover defects due to, for example, a change in the appearance of the product. The order confirmation is your guarantee certificate. We offer a 6-month material and defect liability for SuperStore products. SuperStore products can be delivered with English manuals, but our customer service will be happy to translate them for you when you contact us and send a picture of the instructions. If a SuperStore product has a separate warranty, please refer to the product page. SuperStore products are well packaged, and some products are handcrafted responsibly and not all come in a paper box - instead, if a paper box is in the product, any small bumps in the box are not a cosmetic disadvantage under warranty, as the product itself is intact.  Please read all warranty conditions here.

Gift Shop LahjaShop.com is responsible for product damage or loss on the way to the customer. In the event of a return, the customer is responsible for damage to or loss of the product to Lahjakauppa LahjaShop.com. The customer handles the complaint in this situation with the transport company (eg Posti).


Gift Shop is not liable for damages or delays due to obstacles beyond its control that it could not reasonably have foreseen or the consequences of which it could not avoid. Force majeure includes e.g. postal strikes or other industrial action, illness of staff, import and export bans, and other disruptions or delays in transportation due to airmail congestion. If the force majeure persists for more than three months, both LahjaShop and the customer have the right to cancel the orders without penalty or delay. We are not responsible for delays by transport companies or parcel terminals - this time should not be counted towards the promised delivery time as it is out of our control.


Gift Shop reserves the right to change these terms at any time. The terms of the e-commerce are published on the e-commerce website. The changes are valid when you place your order and you accept the terms.


In the event of a dispute, LahjaShop will comply with the decisions of the Finnish Consumer Disputes Board or the corresponding authorities of European countries.

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