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New! In the Gift Shop you will now find handmade art, including Christmas Cards. Check it out from here to the growing range of crafts. The handmade card touches the gift recipient with a Warranty.

The products in the orders cannot be gift-wrapped without a separate order. We want to offer the customer the opportunity to check the product when it arrives in the mail, in which case a gift wrap on the product would prevent this. You can wrap your order at home in gift wrap or put the products in gift bags that you will need to purchase separately. There are also many gifts in the selection with a gift box, so we also recommend these options - for example, a lovely rose is such a product. If you want us to order a gift package, add a card with a greeting, or want to order a gift from a larger number of people from us, we can offer you a package solution for an additional fee. In this case, we tailor the packaging and delivery of the gifts with their possible cards to the recipients of the gifts directly. Please note that the service must be ordered from customer service in good time (3 weeks in advance) and is a custom order.

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